Preseason 2021 DON’T QUIT! MAX WSYL/IL 13U & 14U World Rankings

Preseason 2021 DON’T QUIT! MAX WSYL/IL 13U & 14U World Rankings

The latest World Series of Youth Lacrosse/Inside Lacrosse 13U & 14U World Rankings are here!

The 2021 preseason rankings were assembled based on input from a broad selection of regional youth lacrosse experts throughout the United States. All teams included in this ranking meet the WSYL’s age and roster rules, which require that all players must be born after 8/31/2006 (14U) or 8/31/2007 (13U), live within 100 miles of their team’s home field and regularly play within that program.

All U.S.-based teams in this ranking will participate in one of five Regional Qualifiers in the Spring of 2021. Top teams from each U.S. Regional Qualifier will advance to the Championship Series in the Washington, D.C. , area on July 1-3, 2021, where they will compete against the best U.S. and International teams for an unforgettable week of lacrosse. The WSYL Championship Game will be played at Maryland Soccerplex in Gaithersburg, Maryland on July 3rd and will be broadcast on ESPN2/ESPNU on July 4th.

The 2020 World Series of Youth Lacrosse was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualifiers in two of the regions were able to go on as planned and the qualifying teams have been notified of their placement. The other regions will compete in the 2021 Qualifiers to solidify their spot in this year’s WSYL event!

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The WSYL/IL 13U and 14U World Rankings will be updated following completion of the U.S. Regional Qualifiers this spring and again after the WSYL Championship Game this July. To find out if your team is eligible to be considered for the WSYL/IL World Ranking and to participate in the upcoming Regional Qualifiers, please visit or email to nominate your team.

WSYL/IL 14U Preseason World Rankings:
1. Long Island Express (NY)
2. Team 91 Long Island (NY)
3. Madlax Capital (DMV)
4. Sweetlax FL (FL)
5. Eclipse (CT)
6. True IL 2025 Premier (IL)
7. Berserkers (CA)
8. NPL (WA/OR)
9. Igloo Northface (NY)
10. Prime Time 2025 (NY)
11. Sixers (CO)
12. Express North (CT)
13. Stealth (FL)
14. ADVNC Bayhawks (CA)
15. Building Blocks LC (NJ)
16. Orange Crush (NY)
17. Evolve (CAN)
18. Express North (CT)
19. 2Way (CT)
20. Jersey Express (NJ)
21. Mad Dog Black (NJ)
22. HP Mohicans (TX)
23. True MN 2025 AAA (MN)
24. CT Wolves (CT)
25. Cannons Gold (MD)

Watchlist: 302 Lacrosse (DE), Evolve BC (CAN), VLC Black Ops (VA), Zingos Black (MD), Breakers Blue (MD), Regulators (NY), Shore 2 Shore Hawks (NY), Legacy Lacrosse (NY)

WSYL/IL 13U Preseason World Rankings:
1. Annapolis Hawks (MD)
2. LI EXPRESS Channy (NY)
3. Tigers XXVI (PA)
4. Sweetlax Upstate (NY)
5. Towermen (PA)
6. Orange Crush (NY)
7. FCA Upstate (NY)
8. 7 Flames (GA)
9. Madlax (DMV)
10. True IL 2026 Premier (IL)
11. Jersey Express (NJ)
12. BBL Elite (NJ)
13. Express North 2026
14. Sixers (CO)
15. 2Way (CT)
16. Evolve (CAN)
17. Igloo (NY)
18. Prime Time (NY)
19. True MN 2026 AAA (MN)
20. Eclipse (CT)
21. Team 91 LI (NY)
22. ADVNC (CA)
23. Southern Stars (NC)
24. Evolve BC (CAN)
25. Thunder LB3 (GA)

Watchlist: Saltwater (MD), VLC Black Ops (VA), Tri-State (NJ), True Annapolis (MD), TRW Wolfpack (VA), Top Caliber (VA), Alcatraz Outlaws (CA), SoCal Express (CA), True UT (UT), Legacy (NY)

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